Sentry Redacted Stack Details Solution


When I first started using Sentry I had a problem of all my Thread or Stack details <redacted>. The reason was because I did not upload my debug symbols (aka Custom Integrations). I have an iOS application I built with Swift. It crashes the first time you open it after downloading it from TestFlight. Unfortunately, my Xcode Crashes are not uploading – another problem to resolve, but in the mean time I have trying to work with Sentry.


After successfully adding the package and getting my TestFlight app to connect with Sentry API, I found some seemingly important details were being redacted.



Figure 1 Sentry Issue with stack information redacted

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A friend suggested that it might be my debug symbols or Integrating the Xcode compiled .xarchieve file with my Sentry project.


Here is what I did to get these visible.


1.     Download sentry cli



2.     Locate the .xacheive files

a.     You will need the path. Mine was: "/Users/nick/Library/Developer/Xcode/Archives/2023-09-02/TuRincon 02-09-2023 09.11.xcarchive"

b.     To find it go to your Xcode project > Window > Organizer > Select and Archives > then right click to “Show in Finder”

Figure 2 Xcode project archive .xcarchive file

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3.     Setup integrations

a. website logged in as you.

b.     Left panel under your name “Settings”

c.     Click on “Custom Integrations” link next panel just inside form Settings

d.     Click “Create New Integration”

e.     Choose Type: “Internal Integration”

                                               i.     Here I have it a name. Nothing for webhooks.

                                             ii.     Select project: read&write permission

                                            iii.     I also added Issue & Event read&write permission (Bard did not suggest this, it just seemed like something I might need)


Figure 3 Integration Tokens

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4.     Use sentry cli from the terminal:

Code Snippet 1 Sentry Terminal Command

<<Insert codeSnippet02 here>>


            Here is what my terminal looked like on success

Figure 4 Successful upload of .xcarchive file to Sentry

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Other things I did that I am not sure impact


·      Setup a token for API key to App Connect Store

But after finishing this post I’m pretty sure this has nothing to with fixing the redacted stack details because after you do the sentry cli commands